Privacy Statement

James Russell Photography collects and holds certain personal data. This is used for legitimate interest. This personal data includes (but is not limited to) names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and venue information including (but not limited to) venue name, date, time and number of attendees.

This information is used for the processing of necessary business activities including but not limited to preparing quotations, requests for information, invoicing and general marketing. Your information is held securely on computer hard drive, cloud storage and in some instances in paper form. James Russell Photography does not share your information with third parties, other than for accounting and auditing purposes.

James Russell Photography from time to time will send out email marketing communications. The recipients are existing and past clients, those who may have contacted the business with an enquiry and individuals who myself and associates of James Russell Photography have met personally or have been contacted by phone or email. Contact details are never acquired from third party lists. Records are held by recognised email marketing organisations who fully comply to the requirements of GDPR and PECR. The option to unsubscribe from such mailings is easily available to any recipient of such communications.

In the normal business activities it is necessary to photograph people and for these images to be stored. These images are taken on the basis of legitimate interest and have been commissioned.  Any client who has a concern about their image being stored or circulated to a wider audience, or that of another person photographed in the same commission should contact James Russell Photography who will take all reasonable steps to process the relevant images in a manner that is acceptable to the client. 

All images taken by James Russell Photography are held securely on computer hard drives and/or cloud storage. Images may be displayed on my website, on social media or in printed form, for the purpose of legitimate interest. Any individual who would prefer their image not to be displayed should contact James Russell Photography who will remove it from such platforms.

James Russell Photography; updated Oct 2018.